Sunday, November 15, 2009

love...why ?!

why does everyone want love ?! like what’s all the hype about it ?! sure it’s nice to have someone there all the time when you need them but all this stuff you hear about ’ my other half ’ or ’ they complete me ’ is BULLS*** ! God made you whole w. no parts missing . i think people TRY too hard and expect so much in something they’ll never get in all reality and end up getting their feelings hurt . especially females !! but just my opinion…

Friday, October 23, 2009

FRIDAY Night !

well you see right... i work pretty much everyday during the week [ consisting of Sun - Mon ]. i have two jobs soooo i mean what do you expect ? I'm tired of working at FL though , the people kill me and the managers have jealous tendencies ! i know what customer service is and all the other happy-go-jolly stuff that goes along with it . i personally think my manager just wants to be young again &nd have all eyes on her which i don't see happening =/ but yeah story of my life - NEXT !

... it's FRIDAY Night &nd I'm at home on the CPU - whyyy ?

i could be out partying , clubbing , smoking and drinking like everyone else that's my age huh ? well that's not ME ! no I'm not a perfect little angel and i don't claim to be saint but i know what's good for me and what's not . I'd rather be in my house, under my covers where I'm SAFE watching ' The Incredibles ' ( which is what my night is going to consist of ) instead of roaming the streets and acting CRAZY ! hate it or love it , it's just what i do . it's so many BAD things that happen nowadays for people to act the way they act towards life , so carefree and nonchalant about their surroundings . anyways im done ! Goodnight :]

Thursday, October 22, 2009

losing my virginity .

YEAH so i definitely have thought about blogging but never took the step to actually do it. i' always have something on my mind or something going on to where i could vent about it and ask myself questions so this is the PERFECT opportunity to pretty much write it down. well yeah here we go :]